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org, youtube Category:Cultural and artistic occupations Category:History of art Category:Arts occupationsWe are back on the following this week as we give you the Word of the Day, the newest Halloween costume to impress your family and friends, the meaning behind the catch-phrase "All Hail Satan," and tell you all the ways you can start saving money for your next vacation. Let's get started, shall we? Word of the Day Corned To Death Saving money is always a chore, but by saving money, we get to do a whole lot of other things as well. When you are on a budget, there are always the things that you have to give up, and that can be a big deal. You have to eat out less, you have to stay in less fancy places, and you have to give up on the really cool stuff you have been wanting to do. Luckily, there is a way to get around that. You can make your own stuff, if you are really creative. If you love cooking, then you have a very good chance of being very creative when it comes to making food, but even if you do not cook at all, you can still put together a couple of really great meals for your family just by thinking of some ideas. Making your own food saves money in more ways than one. Not only do you get to save on grocery bills, but you can also save on gas since there is not a lot of driving to do. Even better, you can make it so that you can feed your family while only spending a fraction of the money that you would spend if you were to buy a store bought item. The key to making it all work is making sure that you are being very, very careful in what you are spending your money on. Make sure that you are only buying the best ingredients that you can find. Nothing is worth it if you are putting something into your food that is not up to par. Make sure that you are using the best spices and seasonings that you can find. All these things are very important to your final dish, and they can make or break your food, so make sure that you are doing your best to provide the best environment for the food you are making. Now, this next thing is a little tougher for some people, but it is very easy to make the most of this. The internet has really changed things for the better. It is much easier to find




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