You make time for what's important to you!!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

A common excuse I hear from people is " I don't have time for it."

They could be talking about waking up early to exercise,

They could be talking about shopping for healthy food,

or even making their meal preps instead of buying fast food for lunch.

These same people usually also spend countless hours per day on social media and are up to date on their latest Netflix shows.

Nobody "HAS" the time,

But if something is really important to you,

You will "MAKE" the time for it!!

There's an old saying of " We all have the same 24 hours in a day", and nothing is more accurate!

If you want something bad enough in life, nothing will stop you from making it happen. Say that again. Remember it!

Some people will wake up hours before they need to, just to goto the gym before work because that's their only time to get it done.

They MADE the time!

Some people will meal prep one night per week and cook up all their meals for the whole week because its their only time to get it done. They MADE the time!

Some people will work 12 hour days and still come home to study or spend bonding time with their partner because that's the only time they have to get it done. They MADE the time!

This week I started waking up at 5:30am once again even tho I don't start work till 9am simply because I want to do extra cardio to increase my fitness, and my busy schedule dosent allow any other time besides the morning.

So here I am, up at 5:30am, at the gym by 6am, MAKING time for what I need to do.

Is it easy? Hell no!! But to me it's important, So I make time for it.

The next time you find yourself saying those creditless words of " I don't have the time",

Ask yourself...

Do you really not have the time,

Or do you just prioritize other things??

Results or excuses... You can't have both.

- Craigo

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