What next..??

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

As we're coming into the 4th week of our 8 week challenge, I want you all to have a good long think about what your going to do AFTER the challenge ends??

Are you going to keep training,

Or were you just wanting to get fit for 8 weeks?

Are you going to keep eating healthy,

Or is it back to fast food and coco pops for breakfast??

Are you going to stay active,

Or is it straight back to your old habits?

With all the great changes people are making sofar in only afew short weeks, it's important to start making plans NOW, for what your going to do after the challenge ends.

Time & time again I see people get trapped in the "Yo-yo" effect

of going all out into a fitness kick, only to drop out straight after, go back to all their old habits and put back on all the weight they lost, sometimes even MORE!

Don't let yourself be one of those people,

Not this time!!

Start getting a plan ready,

Be honest with yourself about what you want in life & be ready to work just as hard after this challenge ends.

Fitness & good health isn't a 8 week challenge nor is it a quick fix. It's a life long commitment to yourself, to looking after yourself, to living your best life not only for yourself, but for those around and who love you.


You never know who's looking up to you for inspiration or whos life you might change, just for changing your own 😊.

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