The secret to getting results..

I've been a trainer for 6 years now and I'm yet to see a quick fix or short cut that gets long term results. Those detox shakes, special weight loss pills made with a cactus flower from Antarctica or that ultra low calorie diet might get some results quickly, yes..

But people don't maintain them and generally bounce back, putting all the weight they lost back on, falling back into the same inactive lifestyle with poor nutrition.


Because they didn't change their lifestyle!

A lifestyle that's cleary not working.

I'll let you in on the secret of how to not only get results, but maintain them..

Its literally just hard work and consistency. Week in, week out,

All year round! 💯💯

There is no substitute to hard work nor should there be.

If you want something, work your damm ass for it! Exercise to stay fit and have healthy lungs. Push your body through movements to be strong and move gracefully with age, Eat healthy food not only to fuel your body, But to avoid health issues like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and the mental health problems associated with being overweight. A lack of exercise + unhealthy diet kills more people each year than any corona virus ever can. So look after your body, you only get one.

Stay strong! 💪


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