Take care of yourself first!

We live in a age where most people are more concerned about keeping their phones charged everyday than they are about keeping themselves charged!

We work, we pay bills, we do house work, we go on social media ( more than we probably should! ), we look after our kids, same thing day after day and sometimes we forget that we need to take time out of our day to day lives to do the things that really make us happy!

I mean you charge your phone every night right?

So why arn't you charging your life every night aswell?

Your mental & physical health is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life and if your run down all the time then it's only a matter of time before you crash & burn.

Why be anything but your best?

Make sure you take time out of everyday life to do the things that charge your batteries!!

Here's some simple things that I like to do to keep my soul charged and keep a happy Craigo;..

- Walking,

- Training In the gym

- Listening to music,

- Reading a book,

- Sitting by the ocean,

- Gardening,

- Playing sport,

- Long hot baths,

- Swimming,

- Meditation,


- New experiences,

- Martial arts.

So make time for yourself, avoid burning out and be the fully charged version of yourself!!

Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton Fitness

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