Starting all over again?!

So you trained hard for awhile,

Got some good results,

Fell off the wagon and now your dreading starting all over again right??

Heard it before. Hell, I've even said it before.

But what's the alternate to not starting over again..?

Staying where you are now?

Never progressing?

Never reaching goals?

Going backwards?

Screw that!!! That shouldn't sound appealing to anyone!!

There's one big difference people never seem to remember when it comes to starting over again.

Your not not starting from scratch again,

Your starting from experience!!

You've done it before, you know what it takes, you know your body can do it, so your starting in a much better position then when it was new to you!!

Is it going to be hard?

Bloody oath it is!!

But it always was hard,

And it always will be.

You won't lose all your fitness or strength in afew weeks or months, but the longer you do leave it, the harder it is mentally to get back on the wagon.

Muscle memory is a beautiful thing tho,

Your body will remember how to move again, it will remember how strong it is and if you can convince that brain of yours, then I guarantee that you can get back to your prime.

Its just going to take some hard work and dedication once again 💯💯

If your not where you want to be fitness wise, then I suggest joining up to my fitness bootcamps and letting our team get you back on track!!

Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton Fitness

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