Monkey see, Monkey do!

Never forget who's watching you!! 💯💯

The way you speak,

The way you treat other people,

The way you act,

Are all seen and absorbed into our kids brains.

We are literally showing our kids or kids around us how to be adults by how we live our own lives.

So tell me, what example are you setting?

Yesterday my son watched me run my online bootcamp, he watched very close as always, then It suddenly clicked to me...

He's recently just made his own YouTube channel, he's likes to exercise, play physical games & he loves a camera on him.

He always sees me making my FB/IG videos and he's slowly becoming more and more like that himself!

Over my years as a trainer it's been one of the many perks to see kids training along side their parents at bootcamps, showing curiosity, interest in what mum or dad are doing and having the courage to try something new something! Fitness is a huge part of today's society but far from many people's comfort zone, it really does put into perspective that if u want something you can do it despite your age, strength or knowledge!

The old saying "Monkey see, Monkey do" is damm true and you only need to go for a drive to Elizabeth shopping center to see how easily that can go wrong with feral adults misleading their kids.

So remember the next time your about to light up that durry, disrespect someone else or sit on the couch all day...

Is that how you want your kids to live??

It's never too late to change your ways and lead by a good example.

Stay strong ❤️

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