Just be yourself ❤️

It's important to remember that we each have our own characteristics that make us special or different to one another, while we might want to fit in with the crowd and not be seen as weird or different we need to stay true to who we are.

Alot of people out there dislike me for many reasons...

For being very loud,

For joking around to much,

For posting online everyday,

For my past actions,

For all my tattoos,

For my body size,

Or just being to much of a cocky person in general ( they don't see my quick mood swings, depressed days or self doute )

Now wether or not anybody likes/dislikes me is out of my control.

But being authentic to who I am is in my control!! 💯💯

I stay true to who I am and it makes me happy.

When people start changing who they are to fit or be liked is when people start to lose who they really are.

There's no greater feeling in this world then being able to just express yourself and be who you really are.

So embrace who you are,

Love your flaws &

Keep putting those happy authentic vibes back into our world.

Stay strong ❤️

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