It's not always about what the scales say!!

How do you measure progress..

Is it just by that number on the scales??

If so, your eventually going to platue and run into trouble!! 💯💯

If you lose 1kg of body fat in your first month of training, but you also gain 1kg of muscle, causing the scales to stay the same, was it a waste of a month?


There are so many variables when it comes to tracking progress and just as many Non-Scale victories to appreciate aswell!

For example...

Like if your clothes fit better!

One of the biggest milestones I hear is when people fit back into that dress that hasn't fit them in years!

Or having more energy!

People who start living a more active life generally start feeling more energetic as a result!

Or getting a better quality of sleep!

Working out burns energy and makes you more tired, so it's only natural that you start sleeping like a baby after busting ass in one of our bootcamps!

Or simply just feeling healthier.

So pay attention to your body and remember to pat yourself on the back for all your health & fitness victories, not just the ones on the scale!!

If you want to start feeling any of the above Non-Scale victories then sign up to our outdoor bootcamps and you'll be feeling great in no time 💯💯

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