How much should I be training..?

How much should be I training...?

That's a question I hear all the time yet can have different answers, there's always one answer that is fairly universal to everybody tho...

ONE SESSION a week is better than NO SESSIONS per week!!

It drives me crazy when people tell me they are either all in or all out, when really that attitude is what gets you nowhere because 9 times out of 10 those people give up after afew weeks from setting their standards to high and unrealistic.

One session per week even though it might not seem like much, is ALWAYS BETTER than none.

Let's do alittle maths for this...

52 weeks in every year right?

So that's potentially 52 sessions per yer.

That one session per week is a opportunity for you to work on all the fundamentals every week like running, pushups, situps, squats, sleds, swings, carry and flexibility ect...

Let's say you maintain that for 3 years slowly chipping away with your mere 1 weekly session, That's 156 workouts you've done over 3 years!!!

Manage to keep it up for 10 years and that's 520 workouts you've completed!!

Imagine how much progress you stand to make from 156 workouts let alone 520!!

You would move better,

You would look better &

You would feel better!! 💯💯

Consistency over time is what creates results, and more importantly...

It keeps you healthy.

So stop putting it off,

Stop waiting for the right time &

Book yourself into your weekly session with CHF Bootcamp!!

Head to our website for all the info about our sessions

Stay strong 💪


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