Do you pack your lunch??

Remember when your parents used to pack your lunch box?

Do you currently pack your children's lunchbox?

And last but not least...

What does your food for the day look like now that your an adult?

I see people all the time packing their kids lunch then rush off to work with nothing for themselves! These are also the same people that complain when they can't shift bodyfat, can't grow lean muscle and more often then not end up eating fast food which they later regret!

As a parent myself, i know first hand that it doesn't really matter what you say to them, kids will learn from what they see not just what their told. So chances are their watching you not looking after your nutrition and will follow suit once their out the house. ( Sound familiar maybe? )

Not only that but how do you expect to save money when you buy food out everyday?

And the main point of my little rant is how do you expect to change your body without proper nutrition?

You can train hard as as you like but if your not eating to suit your goals then nothing is going to change body wise!!

Most people that come to me for help are either under eating in a bid to lose weight and have slow metabolisms as a result ( Which makes it hard to shift weight! ), or they are eating too much calorie dense food, constantly in a surplus and wonder why the weight wont budge!

So while it is hard & time consuming to meal prep, pack food for the day and track calories, if you have a goal body wise and REALLY want to achieve it, then you are going to need to start actually taking charge of what you put into your body!!

For meals plans, macro plans or help with meal prepping, contact me to see how I can help you take charge of your nutrition!!

Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton Fitness

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