10 tips for better mental health ❤️

I'm constantly approached by people either directly dealing with mental health issues or someone close to them is struggling, and they want to know how I managed get ontop of my own mental health issues.

Firstly it wasn't easy, nor was it a magic pill from the doctor.

My mental health was the worst, when my physical health was also the worst and my daily routine was sh!t.

Funny that!!

When I changed my physical health and my daily habits, my mental health followed. Since then I've had to keep at it and keep

working on it every week of my life.

Before I suggest anybody goes to the doctor solely for medication to solve their problems, I say give these 10 natural suggestions a go to help not only your mental health, but your life..

1) Move your body more!!

Start walking 30 minutes MINIMUM every damm day. Either listening to your favourite music or listening to the wind, the birds & purely the sound of nature.

Walking helps get the blood flowing, releases endorphins and if just generally makes you feel better!

2) Log off your phone!!

People these days wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their phone, how toxic is that.

We live in a world of social media and notifications, we use our phones more than ever and we also have more mental health issues than ever.

Try going 30 days social media free and tell me how you feel. Log off your facebook, delete your Instagram app and live your life without the likes, fake photos or attention seeking status's, live AUTHENTICALLY!!

You'll be surprised just how addicted to social media you probably are, and addiction is huge cause of mental distress.

Log off your phone and log into your life again!

3) Eat more fruit & vegetables!!

Gut health is directly tied to physical health, which is directly tied to mental health. So if your eating fast food all the time, wasting your money, it's no wonder your feeling like shit. Feed your body the healthy wholesome foods it craves and start cooking for yourself which feels good in itself. Once again.. Turn on some music and fall in love with cooking yourself dinner while dancing around your kitchen 😊.

4) Start drinking more water!!

Your body is made up of 80% water yet most people slam down soft drinks or alcohol everyday like a good thing, IT'S NOT!! Try going a month of no booze & no soft drink, upping your water intake up to 3-4 litres per day and see how you feel when you give your body what it actually wants.

5) Take up a sport or hobby!!

Have something to start looking fowards to each week, something that challenges your mind & body, something that has a social aspect so your getting human interaction every week that's outside of your usual partner or kids. Take up netball, football, yoga, pottery, do a paint class or even sign up to your local bootcamp 😜 (Yes that's a cheeky self promotion)

6) Get more Rest!!

Can't sleep?

Try turning off your TV and phone 1 hour before bedtime to let your brain switch off. Try going to bed everyday at the same time to set your body clock so it knows its bed time. You should be aiming for 6-8 hours of sleep every night. If you really struggle to sleep I'm a fan of trying a sleeping aid like melatonin for a week or two to help reset your sleeping pattern, but don't rely on them for long term sleep!!

7) Read some self help books!

I'm a big fan of self help. These days whatever your feeling or needing, there's a book about it at your local library. Reading about somebody else that has the same issues you face, yet overcome it with certain methods is very empowering and helpful. Learn about your authentic self, learn about healthy habits, learn about dealing with depression and learn about everything that might help your situation!!

8) Start strength training!!

Resistance training not only releases all the good hormones your body makes naturally, but it also helps with body image, self esteem and self pride. Follow a plan for 12 weeks, get stronger, build some muscle or lose some body fat and I guarantee you'll feel better about yourself which will help your mental health.

9) Get some professional help!!

Have you ever spoken to somebody about your issues?

First step is your local GP, speak to them and they can put you on a mental health plan which gives you 5 or 10 free psychological appointments. You can talk in depth about your issues/feelings and a qualified professional can help you with techniques to deal with or overcome problems, also they can diagnose anything that you might be experiencing that nobody else had picked up on.

10) Remove toxic people from your life.

Sometimes we are surrounded by toxic people without even realising. It could be a close friend, partner, parent or work college, and the way they make you feel or the way they treat you is a constant downer and the complete opposite of what you want in life.

We've all seen that friend who keeps getting back with his ex, then complains about how miserable they are.

Sometimes you need to cut people off who are toxic to you. Period.

Try these 10 steps,

Give it 100% of your effort for 30 days and see how much your mental health changes.

Our lives are the direct result of our daily habits,

Not happy with your life,

Then change your daily habits!!

Stay strong,

Craigo ❤️❤️