I first found my passion for weight lifting & bodybuilding at the age of 21. Over the next 10 years I managed build over 20kg of lean muscle with consistent training, competing in my first bodybuilding competition in 2019 and taking out 2nd place in the novice division of the IFBB South Australian qualifier.

Chris is one of the original CHF bootcampers, x2 bootcamper of the year & now turning 50 this year he is the fittest he's ever been and goes harder then most men half his age!!

Chris and his wife Mandi have stuck by me from the start, they come to every bootcamp that their schedules allow, they always try their best, they put in the work all year round (Even during winter!!) and have made huge changes their bodies & lives by doing so!

Been coming to bootcamp since August last year and have lost 10kg sofar!! Before starting coming to bootcamp I suffered major depression from being involved in a car accident 8 years ago where I suffered multiple injuries and being in a wheelchair for 11 months not being able to walk nearly that whole time, then went from a wheelchair to a walking frame for 6 months, then a walking stick for 3 years after that.
I watched your page for approx a month and decided to bite the bullet and come out and try it.
So glad I did!!!
I was so unfit and weak, I've now gotten fitter and stronger.
And have found my love for fitness again!


After 2-3 years of training with not much idea of what I was doing, constantly learning from watching others train around me at the gym, I got so caught up in thinking that cardio was everything and carbs were NOT to be thought about. This eventually led me to loosing motivation and my love for the gym as it was an unhealthy and boring way of training with no room for healthy growth or progression. Building strength, increasing fitness and improving my overall physique became a goal I was nothing but hungry for turning me in the direction of Craig Hamilton Fitness. In the 2 years I have trained with Craig I have done all I have ever dreamt of achieving and more, not only have I learnt a lot about health, fitness and nutrition but I am fitter, I am ALOT stronger, I have a physique I never imagined I could build and to prove that hard work pays off with persistence and support WE achieved my ultimate goal of stepping on stage and winning 1st in Figure figure novice and 2nd overall!